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The product "Eco Slim", originally from Russia, has been actively distributed in Germany for some time now. But on the official website, fake and copied before-and-after images are used. The list of ingredients leaves no reason for hope either.

Before and after images and success stories play an important role in the marketing of slimming products. With good pictures and emotional stories, customers can be quickly convinced of the effectiveness of a product.

Eco Slim will also be featured prominently with the success stories of alleged users.

A 24-year-old "Maria Narsch" reports that she has lost up to one kilogram of weight per day just by taking the drops. Before and after pictures in a bikini should serve as proof.

However, a backward search performed in a few seconds reveals that this is almost guaranteed to be a fake experience report.

The picture used is also found on numerous other pages on the Internet, although the alleged name of the person is different depending on the language.

Prior to its sale in Germany, Eco Slim has been sold in the Russian-speaking market for a long time. There I suppose it starts as an effervescent tablet.

Eco Slim

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