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Thyroid surgery partly or partially chocolite fully removed. The thyroid cancer, if necessary, is removed completely by the thyroid thyroid cancer, otherwise it is sufficient to use for a partial surgery. The operation may be necessary: thyroid cancer; uncertain results of cytological aspirations; local complications (e. g. oesophageal collision), associated with hypertrophy of thyroid disease; ineffectiveness of drugs. This operation is relatively simple, routine operation. That you need to be careful during surgery: thyroid gland, thyroid glands take place in the context of important nerves and blood vessels.

Complications of surgery may include: vocal cords, regulation of nerve damage due to vocal paralysis, paralysis of the parasitic calcium removal due to metabolic disorders, after bleeding, sub-functional thyroid glands. If a thyroid disease with the fact that to surgery useful hyperactive artificially suppress, reduce the risk during thyroid surgery, excessive chocolite amounts of growth hormone.

Not only can physicians identify the surgery, but there are rf treatments during which under ambulatory conditions under anaesthesia, but also without pain that they can process and pour into thyroid nodules.

Treatment of radioactive iodine. Treatment is iodine, so the radioactive in the chocolite body, only thyroid takes care of. Recorded radioactive iodine, wrecking radiation of the fabric environment, namely thyroid tissue. Only treatment in hospital, training courses can be carried out. Results may be hyperactive, M., housing, thyroid and some tumors after treatment.

Thyroid diseases for the various symptoms of the case do not exist, or only at the end of recognition. Symptoms and methods of diagnosis by a doctor. Andrea woodcutters, the ultrasound oxygen specialist, spoke. Different chocolite thyroid symptoms to the tracheal trachea before the thyroid gland is present in the internal secretion glands. It produces hormones, which are responsible for metabolism in the body is adequate functionality. Complex surgery due to abnormal action caused by symptoms is so varied that the diagnosis - certainly, the work specialist.

Thyroid diseases often experience such a bad mood. A well-known disease with various symptoms, constant feeling of fatigue, nervousness or insomnia can have a negative impact on the efficiency of the patient's system, working methods, changes in social mood of the relationship can be destroyed. Excessive weight gain (weaning or weight loss) may be suspicious, especially if proper nutrition and movement in the supplement. Appropriate treatment in the absence of hyperthyroidism, on whose side is tense and sensitive, however, timely recognition of the disease helps to diagnose complaints and end the prevention of deterioration of the patient's condition.

Who is suffering from thyroid diseases? Thyroid diseases are particularly common in puberty, menopause, pregnancy, and in the following period. Parents 10-17 as a percentage after childbirth 2-6 months at thyroiditis develops, which has characteristic, multifaceted symptoms of chocolite palpitations of the heart, nervousness, fatigue, weight increase, hair loss. Thyroid diseases main causes of infertility, menstrual cycle disorders. 60 years of age women at the age of not a significant part develop some thyroid disease, but most people do not even know about it.

Today it is a typical endemic background in most cases, disorders of thyroid function. Such symptoms include, for example, heart rhythm disorders, elevated cholesterol levels, symptoms of panic, depression and obesity. The analysis of the accurate diagnosis for examination is important in patients with symptoms of detailed examination and examination of the thyroid in palpation.

The analysis of the accurate diagnosis for examination is important in patients with symptoms of detailed examination and examination of the thyroid in palpation. Laboratory blood tests, the current functioning of chocolite organism give information. The brain epithelium produces TSH and thyroid hormones??3 and?4 with the levels and thyroiditis anti-TPO determination of the level of the current functional state of the organism signal. Evaluation of data in all cases by doctors!

The accurate diagnosis of chocolite helps usg examination, which helps thyroid examination to build (direction of character), inflammatory processes, tumors, presence can be displayed. The test is not only painless and can be done quickly, but the thyroid state of the image. describes the doctor. Andrea woodcuts, medical oxygen specialist ultrasound specialist. The test is designed for use with a thin needle to perform biopsy (download) by definition process or malignancy. Time to admit failure, in most cases, treatment effective cure can be.

Laboratory parameters: TSH, T3, T4: Symptoms of thyroid - the most popular and simple method of diagnosing thyroid function to be evaluated. The hormonal system operates on the principles of brain, TSH-t (tireoidea-hormone - hormone) production, which in T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. The law is valid

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