What is Xtrasize for? Xtrasize (called sometimes also with other names such as xstra size, xstrasize, xstrasize, xtra size, xtrasixe, xtrasixe, xtrasize, exstrasize) is a dietary supplement in 60 capsules, which, as indicated on the official website www.xtrasize.it, can help to lengthen the penis and increase the size and length of your penis, helping to improve sexual performance*. It is therefore not a cream, nor is it composed of plasters or gels.

As the official website www.xtrasize.it explains, the penis is built from two cavernous bodies and a single spongy body, which end up in the glans. When they become erected, they are full of blood and expand. The result? A penis of larger size and longer length. As can be seen from the image below, taken from the official website, the dimensions of the cavernous bodies can determine the size of the penis in erection:

From the official website*

Does Xtrasize really work? Is this true or false? And how does it work? What do the tests say? We try to answer these questions.

XtraSize is composed of a clinically proven formula that, as stated on the official website, can help tissues that retain blood in the penis itself, called "Cavernous Bodies", to hold it longer. This can help you have more intense and long-lasting erections since, when you use XtraSize, ingredients gradually accumulate in your blood*.

Here are the results of the tests carried out on Xtrasize* test men, published on the official website of the supplement: http://www.xtrasize.it/ingrandire-pene-come-funziona.html

Statistical data, from the official website*

What possible results and benefits can the use of XtraSize bring? According to the official website www.xtrasize.it, these are 9 potential benefits*:

Better Xtrasize or Penilarge, Sizegain plus, Natural xl, Vimax or Maxatin? Are there any photos of the results before and after? What are the views on Xtrasize of who tried it? We have collected some opinions, reviews, testimonies (even negative) on the effects of Xtrasize from forums and yahoo answer, you tube: here's what some people think that has tried and used it, according to testimonies that you can find on the official website: http://www.xtrasize.it/possibile-aumentare-dimensioni-pene-clienti.html

Examples of testimonials from the official website*

Xtrasize, as reported in the How Xtrasize Works section, contains top-quality natural components from agricultural fields managed by certified producers specializing in growing herbs and plants for dietary and medical purposes.

The recipe is the result of work by American scientists, doctors and nutrition experts.

The production process is controlled at every stage and complies with all international regulations applied to food supplements and the components are verified for their quality.

But what are the natural ingredients of Xtrasize?

What are the Xtrasize instructions and how to use and hire Xtrasize? And the dosage? After how much does it take effect?

Is the duration of the results permanent, will it last forever or for how long should it take? Here are some information about this, available on the official website www.xtrasize.it:

A question often asked on Xtrasize is about risks: Does Xtra size hurt health? At heart? Is it harmful or safe? What are the contraindications and side effects?

XtraSize: According to the official website www.xtrasize.it, XtraSize:

The opinions and medical opinion of the urologist Aaron Gale::?

From the official website*

Where do I buy Xtrasize? Are you in a pharmacy, herbal medicine, Ebay, Amazon or in shops? And what is the best price? How much does it cost? How do I order?

You can buy Xtrasize for Italy only on the official website: www.xtrasize.it

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